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Fencing, Railing, and Decking

Fence Panels

Type Description
Dog Eared Fence Panel 6' x 8' Dog Eared Fence Panel This fence panel is made from 1×4×6 Appearance Grade fence boards that are fastened with ring shanked nails to 2×3×8 back rails. Panels consist of 27 boards with 3 back rails.
Spruce Stockade Fence Panel 4' & 6' x 8' #1 Spruce Stockade Fence This nail on fence panel is made from #1 grade premium spruce . Each section consists of 26 pickets. The 3/4" thick pickets are joined to 3 rail backing boards also made from 1# spruce.
Shadow Box Fence Panel 6' x 8' Shadow Box Fence Panel This fence panel is made from 1×6×6 Appearance Grade fence boards that are fastened with ring shanked nails to 2×3×8 back rails. Boards are nailed alternatively on each side of the back rail, giving a pleasant appearance to both sides of the panel. Panels consist of 19 boards with 3 back rails.
French Gothic Space Picket Fence 42” & 48” x 8' French Gothic Spaced Picket Panel This fence panel is made from 1×4×6 Appearance Grade fence boards that are fastened with ring shanked nails to 2×3×8 back rails. Panels consist of 27 boards with 3 back rails.

Fence Posts

Type Description
Gothic Topped Fence Posts 4" x 4" x 10' Fence Posts Gothic Top 4"×4"×8' Rough Also Available (8' Only).
Special Order Options: Gothic Top, Square, Chamfered
Sizes: 4×4: 6’–12’ #1, 4×4: 6’–12’ #2, 5×5: 6’–12’ #2, 6×6: 6’–12’ #2, 8×8: 6’–12’ #2
Round Posts 4-5" x 10' Round Posts
(Other Sizes Available by Special Order)
Our round posts are carefully milled and graded visually to have less bark and fewer blemishes. After milling, our posts are allowed to “season” until dry. Once the post is dry, it is treated with MCA for “in ground” use and ready for shipment. Posts are Southern Yellow Pine.

X  Indicates size in stock - may vary by store

Premium grade is a good appearance knotty grade used in the same applications as Finish where larger and more numerous characteristics are desired. The reverse face of Premium shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material.


Lattice Image
In Stock
4' x 8" HD Treated Square
4' x 8' Treated Diagonal
4' x 8' White Diagonal Poly
4' x 8' HD Cedar Diagonal
4' x 8' HD Cedar Square Privacy

Surround gardens to add appeal and deter pesky animals. Build a trellis to guide vines and other climbing plants. Shelter your deck or patio from the hot summer sun. Create ‘shells’ to conceal trash cans, tools and AC units. Section off messy kids’ areas, including toys and sandboxes. Add between posts to make your gazebo even more attractive. Construct screens to shield you from the wind and rain. Surround your hot tub or pool for lots of additional privacy.

Post Caps

Post Caps Image
In Stock
Cedar Post Caps Treated Post Caps
Slip Over Post Cap Pyramid 4" x 4" Balltop West Coast Cap 4" x 4"
Cedar/Copper Whistle Peak 4" x 4" Pyramid Cap 4" x 4"
Cedar/Copper Whistle Peak 6" x 6" Nantucket Cap 4" x 4"
Cedar Nantucket Cap 4" x 4"
Copper Point Post Cap Only

Step Stringers, Porch Posts, Newels & Spindles

Stair Stepper Image
In Stock
3-Step Stringer (7” Rise/11” Run)
4-Step Stringer (7” Rise/11” Run)
5-Step Stringer (7” Rise/11” Run)
8, 10, 12, and 16 Step Stringers are available as Special Order.
Newels 4" x 4" x 48" Cedar & Treated Balltop Newel
Porch Post 4" x 4" x 8' Cedar & Treated Colonial Porch Post
Spindels 2" x 2 x 36" Colonial Treated Spindels
2" x 2" x 36" Colonial Cedar Spindels
2" x 2" x 42" Treated Square - Angled Ends

Brands We Carry

  • + Trex

    Your deck is more than just composite boards. It's also railing. And deck framing. Possibly a pergola. Outdoor lighting. And definitely some patio furniture. Every Trex® piece can stand on its own with our signature blend of style and strength, or come together as one weather-shrugging, long-lasting, easy-to-care-for outdoor oasis.

  • + Azek

    Transform AZEK® high–performance building materials into exquisitely crafted works of art, and enjoy the home you’ve always dreamt of for years. AZEK has advanced the evolution of outdoor living surfaces as a leader in research, development, and manufacturing of long lasting, low maintenance, Capped PVC decking.

  • + TimberTech

    TimberTech decks have the look and feel of real wood with the added strength of composite materials. They're tough enough to resist mold, mildew, scratches, stains, and damage from termites and rot. TimberTech's composite decking and railing don't need to be stained or sanded—ever. Capped wood composites are more durable, easier to maintain, and offer longer lasting aesthetics than wood.

  • + Gossen

    Gossen Deck & Porch products are the low-maintenance, high performance alternative lumber that looks like real hard wood! Formulated with special UV inhibitors, your deck will not fade over time, and moisture will not penetrate its dense surface. Whether by land or by water, Gossen Deck & Porch completes your outdoor living space.

  • + CableRail

    CableRail by Feeny uses type 316 marine-grade stainless steel cables and fittings and high strength 6000 series aluminum with state-of-the-art powder coating finishes for railings and trellis. Product reviews and testing procedures are comprehensive and meticulous, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

  • + Landmark

    Landmark's Railing selection combines the safety and functionality of a traditional railing with the timeless beauty and low-maintenance of vinyl fencing. For stability and extra security, top and bottom rails are reinforced with corrosion-resistant aluminum. And because Landmark uses only the highest-quality, performance- tested components, your railing will not rot, peel or become abnormally discolored.